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Few design houses have amassed a bag archive as storied as Chanel’s. From the founder’s era-defining creations to Karl Lagerfeld’s later novelties, the list of iconic Chanel bags is remarkably lengthy. Here, amongst all fashion magazines, Luxury Designers takes a look at the most celebrated Chanel totes, clutches and cross-body bags in handbag history...

Chanel 2.55

When Gabrielle Chanel created the 2.55 in February 1955, (hence the name,) scandal ensued. It was the first bag for women to come with a shoulder strap – a detail that offered freedom from the impractical constraints of the clutch. It was considered rebellious, even uncouth, but women have been enraptured by the practicality it afforded. Chanel herself loved the way she could slip both hands into the pockets of her coat, striking a free, determined pose. The 2.55 was a revelation and instantly became a house icon.

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