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The Chanel grand shopping Tote also called the GST, is equally famous as the Chanel classic flap bag. Its fame starts in the United States, going all the way to Europe, Africa to China and Japan. This bag represents the brand Chanel and is considered one of the hottest bags in fashion, the ‘it’ of the ‘it’ bags. But that doesn’t surprise me, everything that you need in a tote, the GST has it and so much more. The durable caviar leather, large enough to pack your modern essentials and even your summer jacket, stylish enough to make your girlfriends jealous and durable enough to love it forever.

There are several choices you need to make when it comes to the GST: the colour, the hardware and the leather. The GST is available in gold hardware as well as silver hardware. 

Then you have the leather, it’s available in metallic, patent, lambskin and caviar. The most famous choice is GST in black and lambskin/caviar. But that’s no surprise, it’s the same choice you would make picking your first Chanel classic flap bag.

If you have a hard time to gather money to buy your first Chanel classic flap bag, your dream bag, then consider the GST. It’s as useful as the classic flap and much bigger. The price is much lower too, which means you get a great value for money.

But you really want to stick with the classic flap or the reissue 2.55, Chanel PST, Chanel GST and even to the Cerf tote to make sure you have a Chanel classic in your wardrobe!