Hermès Verrou Shoulder Bag 21 – Mykonos Blue Crocodile Shiny Leather
Shoulder Bag in Alligator skin
with shoulder strap,
two pockets
and palladium plated closure


Alligator Skin
Silver Palladium Hardware

Dimensions 21 × 18,5 × 7 cm



Alligator, Metal Hardware


Blue Mykonos


First created in 1938, the Verrou was originally designed by Robert Dumas as a clutch bag.
The bag features a bolt lock which was inspired by the closure of horse stalls.
The Verrou comes in three styles, Shoulder Bag, Chaine Mini, and Pochette.
The bag is available in different materials.
The house, which remains one of the most desirable high-end brands in the world, has a tradition of reimagining well-known objects in a brand new way, incorporating quirky elements into their designs in a manner that feels sophisticated and pared down.
As the story goes, Dumas was inspired by the rather humble doors used in horse stalls – their bolts, to be exact.
In true Hermès fashion, these were cleverly brought to life and added to the design of the bag, which is predominantly handmade.

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