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Hermès H Belt Buckle & Reversible Togo Leather 32 mm (Noir.Noir)


Hermès H Belt Buckle & Reversible Togo Leather 32 mm (Noir.Noir)


Reversible leather strap belt in Togo calfskin.
Buckle in brushed Gold-plated (or Silver-plated) metal.

Made in France


100% Calfskin
Gold (or Silver) plated metal hardware


Size & Fit


Width: 1.25" (3.2 cm)
Length: Customizable



This item belongs to a collection of customizable belts.
The buckles cannot be sold separately.
The leather belt straps can be purchased separately and combined with your buckle to suit your requirements.

The very first interchangeable buckle was designed by the stylist Catherine Karoly in 1967.
It was so successful that people lined up outside the Faubourg store.
As a result of its popularity and for practical reasons, salesmen ended up naming it after the draw in which it was stored: the famous No. 5382 draw.
Since then, there have been countless reinterpretations of the famous H buckle.