Luxury is a State of Mind

Luxury lives in the finer details Luxury is anything that feels special. Luxury is comfort and reassurance.

Luxury is a state of mind.

The founders of Luxury Designers travel the world to secure top designer labels and luxury retailers, curating a selection of the most desired bags and accessories exclusively for our clients. All products are 100% authentic and undamaged. We also come across items which are sourced directly from brands.

We only sell items that are 100% authentic and we have thoroughly checked the authenticity of. Most of our stock comes directly from authorized buyers/distributors. All our designer items undergo a strict authentication process, our buyers are smart shoppers and only after they pass our inspection are sent to our customers. 

Feel free to contact our customer service anytime, should you need any further info.

Who said that luxury items are out of reach?

Take advantage of our experience and network and let us buy your favorited Designers bags and accessories for you. How? works closely with Asia’s and Europe’s leading fashion distributors to bring wholesale prices straight to consumers, providing our customers with deals with the assurance that goods are genuine. You order your luxury item from our store and we select it for you in one of our Affiliated Boutiques/Distributors all over the world. The item comes to our premises where we make a double check, after getting a certificate by Italian Professionals; then packed with love and care to be delivered to your door.


All our products are certified and 100% authentic. They come from Boutiques, thus they are precious and original. Only of the best quality and prices for you! We make a second check by getting a certificate from Italian Professionals, Master Leather Dealers.

​Don’t miss your favourite, we put all our efforts and passion to keep our store filled with the greatest pieces. If we are missing your favourites, fill out our contact form.

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